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neutralHello all my wonderful readers, yes I am writing this in English because I am hoping, in all my vanity, that loads and loads of people may read this and make the world do my bidding! I will translate this into Swedish and find out how to make a “change language” button eventually, I promise.

So what is so bloody important? Not what, but Who. Doctor Who! ( how on earth am I going to be able to translate that into Swedish!?) Doctor Who is a long running sci fi series from England that’s coming up to it’s 50th anniversary and the fans are driving themselves insane with dreams and speculation. I have a dream and a speculation myself, one that I share with a few people and I want it to spread so that maybe it will become a reality.

I will have to explain a few things first I suppose, and this may or may not include a few spoilers. You see, the Doctor is the main character of the show and he has so far been played by 11 actors ( possibly 12 to  14 if you want to be geeky and picky ). How is this done? Well, he is an alien of course! He is from an ancient race called Galifreyans that look human but are far more advanced than us. He holds the rank of Time Lord that gives him the nifty ability to regenerate, which means that when dying, his body rebuilds itself with a new set of genetics which gives him a completely new body free of injuries his previous incarnation may have suffered. According to the lore, a Time Lord has 13 of these extra lives. His new body has different brain chemistry as well so his personality does change too, but he keeps all his memories in the transition.

lerThe Doctor’s true name has yet to be revealed on the show, he picked the name Doctor because he wanted to help people, and that he does. He seldom gets involved with anyone in a romantic manner, he is just that, a Doctor to the entire human race.. well not only humans, anything in need really. He is way above racism, sexism and just about any kind of ism you can think of. The very core of the show is about progression and thinking outside the box.

Now here is the dream I mentioned. Is it not time for a female Doctor? Matt Smith, the eleventh actor to play the Doctor has announced that he will be leaving the show after the anniversary special and so a new actor will take his place in playing the iconic character. Every time this happens the Doctor has to rediscover himself and explore who he is in this new incarnation and, why not a woman? Some conservative fans might get upset, but come on, conservative fans of Doctor Who? Really? That does not make any sense.

The lore does speak of cross gender regenerations, even if it is rare. In Matt’s first episode he briefly expresses suspicion that he might have turned female for a moment before his new body settles. It can happen, why else would he have suspected it?

explainI really like Matt Smith and I will be sorry to see him go, but maybe now is the perfect time really, he should leave us while we still want him. And fans who are afraid of a female Doctor, ask yourselves why. What is wrong with the idea of a female Doctor? Nothing in his character requires a penis, he stands above gender issues and always has. It would actually come to prove a very important point about the Doctor, even if she would need an episode or two to get familiar with the idea of living as a woman – the point being; The Doctor is the Doctor. The Doctor is not an age, a size, a race or a gender. The Doctor will always be the Doctor. Always.

And if you are still crying about regenerations not crossing genders, remember the episode “Let’s kill Hitler“, in which the Doctor escapes permanent death by absorbing all the remaining regenerations of River Song, a female person with at least ten left to go. If Matt Smith is number eleven and one number seems to have been designated for John Hurt the Doctor would have just one male body left but ten female ones. Thinking about that it almost sounds bizarre to not go with a female Doctor! And I must insist, it goes really well with the spirit of the show, it has always been about breaking new ground, trying new things and pushing the boundaries of tolerance and kindness. It is about time that the Doctor proves that nothing she has ever accomplished can be attributed to a gender, but always to the person the Doctor is, and of course the Doctor’s companions.

chriimmmevector2inbwshineFeel free to take a look at this clip on youtube, a fan put that together as a nice little introduction to the character in lead up to the anniversary that will hit us in November. But now on to my really important point. Who will play the first female Doctor on the show? There are some nice suggestions but it just hit me! How awesome would it be if Jennifer Hale was cast? Yes I know she is mostly a voice actor but come on, she does deeper character work than a lot of screen actors, she can totally do it and don’t you worry about the British accent, of course she can pull that off! She would be perfect for the part! It would be terrible if they decided to have a female Doctor and then cast an eighteen year old purely as eye-candy, the Doctor needs to be a real person of elegance and class! And no, this is not just based on my Mass Effect withdrawal symptoms ( though I must admit I do have those, I revealed myself as a fan of Jennifer Hale in one of my posts about Mass Effect, it’s in Swedish, but I will make sure to have it translated into English soonish ).

Please spread this idea around, she has to be cast as the Doctor! The fate of te galaxy depends on it! And no, I did not just suggest this to be able to post the picture of me as Shepard again, though I am very happy I get to do so. ^^

And if you still don’t agree with me, take a look at this! ( I whipped it toghether in photoshop from pictuers I found on google images, it is just a composite of other people’s pictures, I am not taking credit for anyone’s work and I did not mean to offend anyone, I just wanted a visual representation of my dream. It is awesome isn’t it? )

doctorhaleAnd yes, that is Rob Paulsen‘s head on Rory’s body, because why the hell not? This is MY fan fantasy!


EDIT: Damnit, I meant for the shirt to have a red tint, I realize now that it looks pink. Sorry about that, that was not intentional. I will accept any punishment you all see fit. *sobs*


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