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Det här kommer vara på engelska. Jag postade en meme på Facebook på Trans Day of Visibility, det var en bild med frågor och folk fick ställa frågor genom att kommentera med en siffra. Så, här kommer svaren mina facebookvänner ville veta. Här kommer de, i slutet kommer du kunna se listan med frågor. Du kan ställa några i kommentarerna så kanske det blir en uppföljare på det här inlägget!

5: What is your favorite dinosaur?
T-Rex. They are just so iconic

7: What does AMAB or AFAB mean?
I was who I am at birth, what gives my gender identity has always been there even before I knew or was old enough to even understand the concept. It is a hard concept to understand even for me, and much harder for people who are cis and never experienced it. Still it hurts quite a lot to be referred to as “man who wants to be a woman” or “guy who is becoming a girl”. It hurts because it means the person saying it does not see me. Does not think of me as me until after the transition. I AM me. I was me from day 1, I am not becoming me, I am adjusting my body to fit ME. It’s like being born with a glove on my foot and I am moving it to my hand.
When I was born, no one knew that of course. So I was assigned the gender that looked appropriate. AMAB. Assigned Male At Birth. A trans man might have been AFAB, Assigned Female At Birth. I have never BEEN male, I was ASSIGNED male. I AM female with a mismatching body. Well that was the scenic route XD

13: What has surprised you most about transitioning?
How GOOD prosthetic breasts feel.. I used to think they were just for appearance but the glue transfers movement and weight and they feel.. almost real… it helps dysphoria more than I could have imagined.. I was worried they might feel fake and.. they do a bit.. they help more than I thought
13B: To have someone look at me and see ME… to know they SEE me… and say my name effortlessly… that was like.. breathing for the first time. I knew that would be great but.. not that it would be THAT great! (I am at early stages, once I’ve been on HRT a while this might change.. I mean.. one day my boobs won’t be on the outside OMGOMOMG!)

14: What would have made it easier for you to come out?
To have grown up in a world that doesn’t insist we are either gross, evil or a joke or simply don’t exist. It’s better now but only slightly.
If I had been told as a child that people like me exist, and it’s okay. It’s okay for us to exist. But what I experienced was the opposite. We don’t exist and if we do, we shouldn’t.

25: How can I make things better for you?
I don’t know… realistically.. validate me.. pandering allowed. Ask me questions that let me self explore and keep learning about people like me.. and spread that knowledge.. Thank you for showing interest.

26: What are you most excited about in your transition?
To have a body with REAL hips and breasts -and genitals that don’t feel like a tumor! To feel like me!

27: What is non-binary?
Binary means one of two. X or Y, 1 or 0.. that’s how the world is used to looking at gender. But it turns out, gender is a spectrum. Or even a spectrum of spectrums.
You are binary if you belong on the absolute edge of the spectrum, like I do. But if you are anywhere else you are non binary. Not simply one of the two but anywhere in between.
But yea, I am binary AF

28: What do you wish you could tell younger you, as a trans person?
Start transitioning NOW! Don’t hide! Demand treatment, you’re valid, everyone who says you’re not are jerks! It’s not a phase and you’re not crazy! PLEASE! START NOOOOOW!

29: What are you most excited about in your transition? (Den här var med två gånger men det är okej, det finns många svar)
To be me all the time, to never have to put the DEADNAME hat on again and be relaxed in myself no matter who is watching
If it was asked a third time it might have been a naughty answer.

Här är bilden om någon vill ställa nån mer fråga här!


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